Lyon WiFi Cafés

Lyon WiFi Cafés

Here’s a quick list of my favorite four WiFi cafés in Lyon. At two of them (except Lipstick and Pamplune), you have to ask for the WiFi code at the bar, but it’s still free and it won’t expire after 30 minutes or anything stupid like that. Feel free to leave your favorites in the comments!

1) Le Voxx
1, Rue Algérie
M: Hôtel de Ville

Le Voxx (pictured above) is my favorite WiFi café in town. First it’s got a beautiful view of the Saône. Second, you can’t beat the atmosphere, power plugs (there’s one on the street level, a few in the back, and more in the lower level). During winter they have fantastic mulled wine (vin chaud), and around lunchtime they always have cheap sandwiches and other fancy items like fresh lasagna or salads or whatever.

2) Lipstick
19, Rue Désirée
M: Hôtel de Ville

This café is a close second to the Voxx. There’s a nice little vibe and they have great booths if you’re staying for lunch. If not, they’re happy to let you sit at the bar and check your email or do whatever else. Most of the booth tables have power plugs.

3) Pamplune Cafe
31, quai Victor Augagneur
M: Guillotière

This is a small gem of a café that’s easy to miss. It’s decked out in rugby and bullfighting paraphernalia, and other than the fact that the owner often has the TV on to sports or music channels, it’s not a bad joint. There’s one power plug in the corner by the window.

4) Cafe Carnot
4, Place Carnot
M: Perrache

This place is run by a friendly Corsican dude — scope the Moor’s Head above the entrance — and is a nice place to hang out if you’re meeting friends at the Wednesday evening market in Place Carnot, or waiting for a train, or have just finished walking down rue Victor Hugo. I believe there’s a single outlet in the rear corner, opposite the bar.


  1. Thanks a lot for your hints. I just sit here at the Voxx, and it is really a nice place … The owner is really friendly … I just can confirm the nice atmosphere close to the lake …

  2. Well, I don’t know the names of them but I’ve seen a couple of Internet cafés in “China Town” (7ème arr) where people seem to sit with their computers for a quite long time with ther computers. Either the WiFI is way to slow, or it’s simply okay to stay as long as they want to.

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