This book was originally published in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in 1983. From the preface:

“New innovations and wonders which are being made every day in the press, the growing up of real men or genuine writers, and emotional legends of love for people are unthinkable from the wise guidance and utmost care of the dear Comrade Kim Jong Il, a great leader and a benevolent teacher.

“He is always among journalists and teaches them every detailed problem arising in their activities, and kindly leads them to write and compile excellent articles that arouse the sentiments of the masses in keeping with the Party’s intentions. He also brings up journalists to be the Party’s reliable writers under his wings and takes meticulous care of every facet of their life and activity…

“This book introduces some of the legendary stories about the dear leader, a great guide and teacher.”

Kim Jong Il (1942- ) is leader of North Korea (1994- ). Kim Jong Il succeeded his father, Kim Il Sung, who had ruled North Korea since 1948.

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