I wrote a piece for Foreign Policy for the November/December 2006 issue, but just today got a letter from Editor-in-Chief Moisés Naím, thanking me for my work. I’m not sure if this is standard for all FP contributors, or just new freelancers, or if my tiny back-of-the-book piece was so great that it warranted a thank you note, but either way, I was mightily impressed by his letter:

Dear Mr. Farivar,

Thank you for contributing an excellent article to the Net Effect department of FOREIGN POLICY. “Scene Machine,” in the November/December 2006 issue, provides readers with an original and interesting report of how new technologies are changing the way police departments communicate with experts who can help them save lives.

We appreciate your agreeing to write the piece for us, accommodating our deadlines, tailoring the piece to fit our needs, and the effort that went into reporting the piece. In the future, we hope you will continue to think of FOREIGN POLICY as a venue for your writing.

Thanks again.

Moisés Naím