Five bloggy facts

I’ve been tagged by Glenn Fleishman for the latest blogger meme du jour. I’m supposed to list five things that most people don’t know about me.

1. My only run-in with school authorities came when I was in kindergarten. I was suspended for one day for biting Lee Kramer, a friend of mine (yes, we’re still friends) on the hand. Basically, at recess there was a shopping cart full of balls (for four-square, handball, etc.) and it was always a struggle to get the first ball. The one day I got a ball first, other kids tried to take it away from me — I got upset and bit the hand closest to me, which was Lee’s.

2. I didn’t got to my first large-scale concert until I was 16 and saw MC Solaar at the Paléo Festival Nyon (Switzerland) in 1998.

3. I’m obsessed with geographic oddities. In particular: Nauru, Pitcairn Islands, but also Kaliningrad, Northwest Angle (Minnesota), and Sealand.

4. I really love international pop music (particularly rap) in languages that I don’t speak. My iPod contains tracks from Tarkan, Lee Ssang, Toe Tag and lots of others.

5. I actually prefer wearing suits to wearing tuxedos, because as an amateur musician all throughout high school and college, I had to put on the penguin suit on a regular basis. I don’t have very many opportunities to wear suits. (I have a fantasy that one day I’ll get a swanky three-piece suit, or preferably, a zoot suit, complete with a fedora.)

I tag Paul Boutin, Alex Farivar, Daniel Zhu, Marie Javins and Dallas Bluth.

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