It’s a sad day for the NYC culinary world

NYT says that the 2nd Ave. Deli in the East Village may have to close forever. That’s really sad, and while no, I don’t live in NYC anymore, it’s sad to see one of my favorite joints gone. I made it there a few times when I lived there. I hope they find somewhere else to relocate. They make fine sandwiches, yessir.

Congrats to Rick Karr!

Yesterday, I got the following email from my former radio professor and guru, Rick Karr. Two of his favorite topics, media and technology are coming together in his three-part series on “The Future of Television” on NPR’s Day to Day, aired locally here on KQED (88.5 FM) at 11 pm. Tune in, and if you like what you hear, drop him a line!

Dear friends, trusted sources, and colleagues:

Starting on Wednesday, January 4, 2006, National Public Radio’s mid-day program “Day to Day” will begin airing my three-part series on “The Future of Television”, produced by NPR’s Nihar Patel.

Wednesday’s piece examines the ways in which technology is changing HOW we watch TV.

Thursday’s looks into how technology is altering WHAT we watch.

And Friday’s will probe technology’s impact on who PAYS for TV programming.

Please check NPR’s web site for details on where and when the show airs in your neck of the woods. If it doesn’t, you’ll be able to listen to the pieces online at NPR’s site later in the day.

To those of you who helped with the series, many thanks. And to everyone, Happy 2006!


Rick Karr
Correspondent, Producer, Teacher, etc.
PBS-TV, public radio, Columbia U., etc.

Happy New Year!

Turducken was a resounding success. Like in years past, it’s a 36 hour operation from (~ 3 pm on Dec. 30) start to finish (~ 3 am on Jan. 1) — shopping until cleanup and bedtime. But it’s well worth it. Courtesy of our guests (mostly Monica), Becky and I have enough champagne to take a bath in. Not to mention about 50 wine glasses courtesy of Melanie Wong. More pictures will come later. To all, a very happy and healthy 2006!