Wow, I can’t believe that in the last two-and-a-half years I’m now on my third trip to Tallinn. (First, Second).

I just did an interview with Sten Tamkivi (See: The Economist, August 17 2006) — the Skype offices feel exactly like every other startup I’ve ever seen. They even showed me off a Skype payphone prototype that used to be in their lobby!

Now, Veljo and I are having lunch at my favorite spot in town, the Mauruse Pubi, a sweet, dark, subterranean pub under the city library. It’s got old, amber-colored wooden tables, and an entire bookshelf lined with old, historical volumes. Each table is intimately lit with a green banker’s lamp, and the silverware is brought to the table in a mini wooden barrel, with the name “Mauruse Pubi” branded into the side in gothic lettering.

There’s WiFi, cheap, delicious and plentiful food, and it’s a quick walk to the Old Town.

Man, I could spend all day in this pub.