June 1: Cyrus on PRI’s The World

June 1: Cyrus on PRI’s The World

Dear Friends,

I’ve been informed that my radio piece on the how the June 12 Iranian election is playing out online is airing today.

It will be available on any of these stations (and their Internet streams):

NYC – 3 pm Eastern – WNYC – 820 AM – www.wnyc.org
Washington, DC – 8 pm Eastern – WAMU – 88.5 FM – www.wamu.org
Los Angeles – 12 pm Pacific – KPCC – 89.3 FM – www.kpcc.opg
Boston – 4 pm Eastern – WGBH – 89.7 FM – www.wgbh.org
San Francisco – 2 pm Pacific – KQED – 88.5 FM – www.kqed.org

You can also find it on The World’s site later in the day and on my site if you miss the broadcast.

Also, don’t forget about The World’s Tech Podcast, hosted by my boss, Clark Boyd. It comes out every Friday.

Lemme know if you hear it!

Update: Audio is here.


  1. I heard this report while driving (I don’t typically hear The World) and found it really interesting. Listening to it made me wonder about how you put such a report together — how you get your assignments (or make your pitches), how tight your deadlines are, how you find your interview subjects, if you favor in-person versus phone interviews (or if that’s just a function of where your source is), how much editing you have to do vs. how much (if any) is done at PRI, what technologies you use to collect and assemble a piece, etc. I know you’re probably too busy actually doing the work to write a blog post on this, but it might be interesting for those of us not in the radio biz to learn about.

    Fred Sandsmark
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