Iranian Election Aftermath: What I’m Reading

Iranian Election Aftermath: What I’m Reading

Xeni asked me to compile a list of what I’m reading regarding the Iranian election and its insane aftermath.

Beyond the obvious traditional media (NYT, BBC, NPR, PRI), these are mainly what I’m paying attention to:


Related: and and

US State Department told Twitter to change its update time

Main sites:

Established Media:

Who’s Fighting Who in Iran’s Struggle? / TIME / By TRITA PARSI / Tuesday, Jun. 16, 2009

Don’t Assume Ahmadinejad Really Lost / TIME /
By Robert Baer / Tuesday, Jun. 16, 2009

Other online media:


On a related note, here’s a little info on Ayatollah Montazeri’s history of dealing with online attacks from the Islamic regime. The following is from an unpublished draft section of my forthcoming book, “The Internet of Elsewhere” (Rutgers University Press, 2010):

The shift for Iranian online speech came in December 2000, when dissident Grand Ayatollah Hossein-Ali Montazeri, a former architect of the Islamic Revolution, published a 600-page Persian-language memoir on his website,, while under house arrest. In this manifesto, Montazeri criticized the very foundations of the Islamic Republic that he helped to create, and accused Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of the Islamic Republic, of executing thousands of political opponents in 1988. The government responded by setting up a similar site at, which denounced Montazeri and represented the views of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. This represented a turning point, as it was the first time that the government directly responded to an online ‘threat’ from someone else.


Geneive Abdo, “Online Ayatollah: Isolated Iranian Dissident Speaks Out on Web,” International Herald Tribune, July 29, 2000.

“ vs. Ayatollahs wage war on Internet,” Agence France Presse, December 15 2000.

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  1. TOO tehran badbakh shodim..!! asan shaba nemitunim berim birun,mitasim gardia marO bokoshan.!! har dafe dusam bem zang mizanan migan hanu koshte nashodi?!! akhe in che vaziee..!! ahmadi nejadam asan be ruye khodesh nemiaree..!! hame midunim ke taghalob shode,bedune shak..!!

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  7. Is there anything we (private persons outside Iran) can do to help the dissidents? That regime needs to be overthrown for everybody’s sake, before it starts a nuclear war.

    John David Galt
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  11. hich kas toye in sazemane melel ya sazemane hoghoghe bashar nist be dade ma irania berese dige halam az in donyaye bi ghanoon be ham mikhore chera javoonaye ma bayad bemiran ? chon mikhan esteghlal dashte bashan?

  12. aga mousavi ta lagve entekhabat va refrandome jadid rahat ra edame bede khaste shodim az ahmadi nejad ,raes jomhore man agaye mousavi ast ne kase dige .ahmadi nejad beravad felestin baraye onha raes jomhor beshavad.

  13. salam man ray nadadam vaseinke midonestam ina mikhan joloye khabarnegaraye khareji poz bedan eykash shomahaham midonestido alan raye 40 melyoniro be rokh ma nemikeshidan

  14. maa hame araazelo obaashim . maa hame khaso khashakim ke faghat baraaye na goftan be ….. ra’y daadim vali nafahmidano baahaash poz daadan . mage baa nazare obaash ham mishe poz daad?

  15. Iran’s South Azadegan Oilfield – largest discovery in thirty years in Middle East! – Sold to China! ( Americans eat your hearts out!) Question: Does Iran harbor “Secret” nukes installed by Chinese to protect this investment? balance America’s “Secret” Nukes in Israel? Balance the “Mutual Destruction” equation in the Middle East? Two “Secrets” on the plains of Armageddon? Does China play well on the international politics chess board? Do the Ayatollahs have the “Upper Hand” in their own land? Did they make a good deal with China and relieve pressures from U.S.? Is all else just “Saber Rattling” of American propagandists, smarting from their sound defeat? You tell me!

    Uncle B
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