Flickr and Twitter now play nicely with one another

Flickr and Twitter now play nicely with one another

Since Iran has been going nuts since the election, I’ve found myself glued to Twitter much more than before. I’ve used it to send out articles that I’ve found interesting, and get a handle on what people are talking about. More recently, I’ve used it to experiment with sending out photos of what I see when I’m out in the world.

I have my Flickr email address and my Twitpic address both in my iPhone, so that with a single email I can send my photo to both sides (and Facebook too, as I’ve integrated Twitter with it, too). Last night, I used it to take this snap of the latest example of hopejacking in my neighborhood here in Oakland.

Earlier this month, Flickr added a way to add photos to Twitter messages through its new Twitpic rival service, aptly name

However, starting today, there’s a new way to tweet photos in your own Flickr library or other photos on the site. This feature makes sharing photos that much easier, which is pretty sweet. Simply add Flickr2Twitter to your account, authorize it, and off you go.

Now if only Twitter could somehow integrate itself with MMS, then we’d be totally, photographically, set.