Thanks for coming to BayFF last night!

Thanks for coming to BayFF last night!

Thanks to all who showed up (and participated online!) at BayFF last night to talk tech, Iran and all kinds of other stuff. It was a pleasure to speak with Danny O’Brien again and meet Jacob Appelbaum of Tor for the first time. Thanks also to David Farris, Alex Farivar and Nate Cardozo for coming and supporting me.

Also big ups to Sean Savage (who I’ve written about before, and first met six years ago!) and PariSoMa for organizing this event and making their space available to us.

If I met you last night and I didn’t give you a business card, but you want to contact me, do so here. My email is in the upper right of this page.

Finally, I’m giving away five green wristbands like these:

to the first five people who email me, leave a comment on Facebook, send me a Twitter message or otherwise get in touch with me with the word: #freeiranwrist


Update (8:28 am Pacific): We’re down to four!
Update (10:00 am Pacific): Three left!
Update (12:06 pm Pacific): Two!
Update (10:44 am Pacific, August 5): All gone! Thanks!

Update (10:30 am Pacific): Full video of the event is here and after the jump:


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