Portrait of a year in Bonn

Portrait of a year in Bonn

Crazy to believe. Our one-year anniversary of arriving in Bonn was on Friday. I’m trying to run through a mental list of all of the things that we’ve done, seen, eaten, traveled to, and people we’ve met since we first set foot in Bonn on March 25, 2010. (Reviewing my Twitter posts helps too.)

Departed Oakland. Arrived, bags in hand. First stayed: Hotel Ibis. First dinner: Mediterraneo. Bonn puns. First apartment (danke, Thomas and Couchsurfing!) in the Bonn Altstadt. Cherry blossoms on Heerstrasse. First outdoor beer of the spring. I start jamming with the Rheinbläser. Eislabor. A weekend in Hamburg. Bonn Capitals baseball games. Rheinaue Flohmarkt. Made American, German (and heck, Danish!) friends. Funnybone Club im Kellar.

Started a German “intensivekurs” at IFS. Global Voices in Santiago. World Cup in Bonn (‘Schland!). Spargelzeit. Our first wedding anniversary! Spent a day biking to Koblenz. Started hosting Spectrum!

Biked into the Netherlands just to watch a World Cup game. Fettes Brot show in Cologne. House-sat in Niederdollendorf. Hiking in the Ahrtal. A weekend in Mainz. Road trip to Luxembourg. Said goodbye to some Bonn friends who left for the US, but made new ones.

New (and totally sweet!) Bad Godesberg apartment. Baking bread. Spiel (we met Klaus!) Berlin. Snow. Maastricht. Liège. Brussels. December in France (and more snow). New Year’s in the UK. Flooded Rhine. Bonn Tweetup. Two weeks back in the 510! Karneval! (Alaaf!) Budapest.

What’s next for the rest of 2011?

Bike trip into Belgium with Nate to check out Val-Dieu. Re:publica in Berlin. Alex visits? My book drops! Readings in NYC. Paris, Geneva, Lyon. Rebecca’s book drops! Nena visits! Amsterdam. Croatia via Kosovo to Greece! Brussels, London. Copenhagen? Xmas back in the 510.