Berkeley croissant class – July 13 – 6-9 pm

Berkeley croissant class – July 13 – 6-9 pm

Bonjour mes amis! Vous aimez les croissants? Bien sûr!

Want to learn to make croissants in time for Bastille Day? Bien sûr!

Robin O’Donnell, local baker extraordinaire, will be offering a three-hour class from 6-9 pm on Friday, July 13th. You’ll come away with not only croissants and dough, but the knowledge to impress your family and friends for your “brunch du 14 juillet” (You are having one, right?)

The class is just $50 and will be held at Robin’s home kitchen in Berkeley, just off of the northside of the UC Berkeley campus.

Slots are limited, so RSVP (by contacting Cyrus) soon!