Here’s what baffles me about American democracy in 2016

I live in the most populous state in the Union—38 million, or roughly 12 percent of Americans are Californian. In fact, I’m a 4th generation native-born Californian.

As a California Democrat, it’s highly likely that whoever is the Democratic presidential nominee will carry the Golden State. (Last Republican to win California? George H.W. Bush in 1988.)

Even my maternal great-great-grandfather, Sidney Forward Hadsell, was a Democrat.

Our primary is not until June 7, 2016—nearly the last primary election day.

So that means by that time, it’s likely that the nominating process will be wrapped up.

So, in a sense, it feels like my primary vote for president won’t really matter. (Don’t worry, I’ll still vote!) And then, in the general election, I’ll certainly vote for whichever Democrat carries the nomination. But again, it’s likely that Sanders/Clinton will carry California, regardless of whether they win the White House. Which, again, makes me feel like my vote—at least as far as the presidential election is concerned—doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

What’s up with that?