Dutch WiFi café uses ever-changing SSID to guilt freeloaders

AdRants has found a great way to get those WiFi freeloaders like me to start buying more coffee — advertise specials and guilt messages in the SSID of the network, like this café in the Netherlands.


By continuously changing the names of their store networks to such things as OrderAnotherCoffeeAlready, BuyCoffeeForCuteGirlOverThere?, HaveYouTriedCoffeeCake?, BuyAnotherCupYouCheapskate, TodaysSpecialExpresso1.60Euro and BuyaLargeLatterGetBrownieForFree, the chain is able to both promote items as well as guilt patrons into realizing free WiFi really isn’t totally free.

Hilarity ensued when patrons would ask the barista what the name of the network was and the barista would shout, “OrderAnoterCoffeeAlready” or any of the other witty names.

Simple. Effective. Cost-efficient. What’s not to love?