So I caught a 7:30 am flight (which turned out to be a 7:00 am flight, so good thing I was a little early) from JFK to SEA this morning, which meant that I had to leave my apt at 3:30 am to take the subway, and then the AirTrain all the way out to JFK, and I barely had enough time to check Lane’s bag and make the flight.

In Seattle, I was greeted with the fact that my flight time had changed, and then was delayed twice — in theory I should be arriving in OAK a little after 5 pm. In related news, my Iraqi friend from Columbia, Sarmad, who is spending Xmas break with me in CA, had his flight from LGA cancelled this afternoon, so he gets in tomorrow evening.

It started snowing in NYC last night.

And I finished recording my stories from Guinea-Bissau, and am considering putting them up online as a podcast. It’s about 2.5 hrs of stories, divided up into about eight parts.

And I’ve started book editing. I’m nearly halfway done with my first read-through.

And I’ve updated my MT version on my blog to MT 3.121, and I’m re-enabling comments, given that they have the TypeKey recognition thingy in place, so maybe I won’t get 500 comment spams anymore. We’ll see.

For my listening pleasure, I have my choice of my recordings of yesterday’s edition of This American Life, and A Prarie Home Companion (thanks to Radio Recorder!), not to mention new editions of Dawn and Drew, and Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code — and Boyk’s new Bollywood for the Skeptical soundtrack and accompanying site.

Ah, the joys of time-delayed and customized listening!