So here’s the deal: Apple France and French ISP Orange are hooking up to provide French consumers with a rented MacBook and 1 Mbps DSL for €60 ($79.50) a month. That works out to about €2 a day. (You can upgrade to 8 Mbps DSL for an additional €5 per month.)

The catch is that you have to sign up for three years, but that includes three years of Apple Care.

Louis-Pierre Wenes, executive director of France Telecom’s domestic operations compared this deal to getting a €150 rebate on the price of a MacBook (€1099) plus an additional two years of AppleCare (€319) — in that €35 that pays for the computer x 36 months = €1260. However, M. Wenes didn’t explain what happens at the end of the three-year deal. (There also appears to be a rent-to-buy option, but it’s unclear how that works out.)

Either way, if you in France and you’re one of the first 200 people to sign up, Orange will toss you an iPod shuffle for an additional euro.

I know a lot of people who would take this deal (possibly myself included) in a heartbeat.

[via MuniWireless]


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  2. In the USA or Canada, a one-year old MacBook can be sold for around $365 less than purchase price. It’s even better if you can take advantage of student discounts. DSL is about $0.80-1.5 per day, (depending on location) with a one year commitment. Roughly, that’s $1.5-2.5/day for a new computer (and DSL contract) every year. How much would this cost in France?

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