Cyrus on The World — TODAY!

Cyrus on The World — TODAY!

Dear Friends,

I’ve been informed that my radio piece on Estonia’s arrival in Silicon Valley, will be airing today on The World. It will be followed by an interview of Skype’s Sten Tamkivi, conducted by our senior producer, Marco Werman.

Will be available on any of these stations (and their Internet streams):

New York – 3 pm Eastern – WNYC – 820 AM –
Washington, DC – 8 pm Eastern – WAMU – 88.5 FM –
Los Angeles – 12 pm Pacific – KPCC – 89.3 FM – www.kpcc.opg
Boston – 4 pm Eastern – WGBH – 89.7 FM –
San Francisco – 2 pm Pacific – KQED – 88.5 FM –

Will be available on The World’s site later in the day and on my site if you miss the broadcast.

Update: Audio is here!

Also, here’s the audio of Marco Werman’s interview with Sten Tamkivi.

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