Obama: “le premier candidat ‘global'”

Like the French, I’m pretty stoked about Obama’s victory, largely because he is America’s first “global candidate.”

If Obama were to be elected, he would be:

– the first American president to have significant, non-political and non-military experience of living overseas in some time.

– the first American president to speak a foreign language — at least halfway decently — since Herbert Hoover. (He and his wife apparently spoke Mandarin Chinese.)

Also Le Monde mentions:

La société américaine est de plus en plus multiraciale : la moitié des 7millions d’Américains qui se déclarent métis ont moins de 18ans (selon le recensement de 2000). Et comme le rappelle parfois Barack Obama, les Etats-Unis ne seront plus en 2050 un pays majoritairement blanc.

Translation: American society is becoming more and more multiracial: half of the seven million Americans who identified themselves of mixed race are under 18 (according to the census of 2000). And as Barack Obama sometimes notes, the United States will, by 2050, no longer be a majority white nation.