Google adds Persian translation, Facebook adds Persian version

I guess folks over at Google and Facebook have been reading my Twitter messages and my blog — or more likely, simply sped up processes that were already in motion.

Google announced about 90 minutes ago that it had added Persian to Google Translate, while Facebook is about to launch its Persian-language version of the social networking software.

In my brief test, it seems like the “alpha” moniker is quite valid. While Google Translate was able to handle the Persian phrase:

سلام، اسم من سیروس است

and accurately translate it as:

Hello, my name is Cyrus.

However, when I went the other way, and gave it that English sentence, the Persian wasn’t quite right, as it returned this:

سلام ، اسم من کوروش است.

[Salaam, esme-man, Koorosh ast.]
[Hello, my name is Koorosh.]

Now, this is technically right, as my own name’s ancient Persian form is Koorosh. However, it does exist as the modern Persian name

Interestingly, it seems that Google is still working on this actively as I type and/or it seems to be adapting to new translation suggestions, as when I first tried “Hello, my name is Cyrus.” a few minutes ago it gave me back this:

سلام ، اسم من است کوروش

[Salaam, esme-man, ast Koorosh.]
[Hello, my name Koorosh is.]

More soon, as I play with this a bit more.

About freaking time, guys! 🙂

[via NYT Bits]

Update (23h10 Pacific): Sanam also points me to the fact that the new iPhone 3.0 software update now supports Persian, which means reading/writing texts/Twitter in Persian are now possible.

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