VoloMedia awarded patent for podcasting

VoloMedia awarded patent for podcasting

So this Sunnyvale ad company, VoloMedia, has been awarded U.S. patent 7,568,213 for podcasting.

The abstract:

A personalized media service provides, e.g., user customization of radio channel selections, immediate availability of multiple preprogrammed and/or customized channels, the ability to intersperse different types of content including periodically refreshed information content, availability of personal radio functions on devices such as car audio systems, PDAs, smartphones, MP3 players, etc. Available channels include, e.g., pre-programmed channels selected for the user based on an interest profile, user-owned content, user-specified recorded content, etc. An audio user interface facilitates user selection of programming and user purchase of currently played audio material. An overall radio experience is thus provided that combines the customization and flexibility of digital media with the immediacy and ubiquity of radio. Video materials may also be accommodated.

This is potentially pretty big. I’m trying to get a company rep on the line to explain to me how this is possible — given that Dave Winer and Adam Curry invented podcasting back in 2001 (two years before this patent was filed) — and what they intend on doing with it. If VoloMedia starts suing left and right, podcasting could get ugly really fast.

More soon.


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