Headed to Bonn in late February 2010 (Updated)

As I alluded to earlier, after much discussion between Bex and I, we’ve decide to bump our move to Bonn up by about three months, which means we’re leaving our beloved Bay Area in about four weeks. The reason? Largely so that we can take part in intensive German classes prior to our starting work — me at Deutsche Welle English and her, hopefully at the University of Bonn. Since mid-December we’ve been taking private courses with Frau Dr. Marion Gerlind at the Gerlind Institute here in Oakland, which has been a true pleasure to learn from someone who has such a passion and a high-level of talent for teaching her native language.

In Bonn, we’ll likely take classes at the Institut für Sprachvermittlung und internationalen Kulturaustausch, which begins at the beginning of every month, and we plan on starting on March 1, 2010. Then I’d begin my job as the new host and producer of Spectrum beginning in June 2010.

While we’re thrilled to be going back to Europe again as we have many friends scattered across the continent, (we’ve already got travel plans for a May weekend in Amsterdam!) we’re sad to be away from our families and friends back home. Fortunately this is 2010, where connections are just a Facebook message or a Skype call away. That said, we can’t wait to welcome our friends and family to Bonn once we’re set up!

So, if anyone has any contacts or connections for leads on apartments, cell phone providers, Internet providers, activities, and the like in the Bonn region, do let me know!

Also, I’ll be periodically writing in German on this blog as a way to practice my learning this new language. Feel free to leave comments, corrections, and ask questions — but keep in mind that I’ve just started, so: Schreiben Sie in einfachen Deutsch, bitte!


Update (28 Jan 2010): This has now been pushed back to late March.

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  1. Congrats and best wishes. If you want a CV Band CD (to fondly remember your last concert with us – for the time being, at least) email your address and I’ll send it to you. Have a great time in Germany and make us proud!

  2. Just FYI, since you’ll probably be very busy once you get here, but Cebit is in Hannover starting March 2… it’s an event totally up your professional alley.

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