Once again, I find myself sitting on Veljo‘s couch, using the plentiful WiFi.

London was fine, albeit brief (and expensive! Good Lord that place is expensive. Basically one pound has the same purchasing power as a dollar, but it’s actually two dollars.) I had lunch with Tom Standage, my editor at The Economist, at a place near the office (25 St. James’ St. — Tube: Green Park), and we discussed tech sorts of things and my book that I’m working on and his new book that he’s working on (he’s an old pro, having done three previous ones). I’m not sure I’m allowed to discuss it publicly, but I want to read it already. I know that’s vague, but I’ll let him talk publicly about it if he wants to.

Following lunch I checked in at my hotel on Hugh St., and met up with Gwyn Morfey from CouchSurfing for a couple of pints at The King’s Arms pub. Then I walked around Soho for awhile by myself, popped in a couple of bookshops, had a quick dinner at the Tuk Tuk Thai Noodle Bar (I’d had fish and chips for lunch), and went back to my hotel early and was asleep by 10 pm.

Early yes, but of course, I had to wake up at 2:30 am to get the bus to Stansted Airport to catch my 6:45 am flight to Tallinn. The security screening station was totally empty when I showed up around a little after 4 am, just after the airport had opened up. The friendly Scottish fellow working there told me that the security opens up at 3 am, while the airport itself doesn’t open until 4 — they ask them to open up early just to make sure they’re ready by 4. So from what I can tell they have nothing to do for the first hour.

I caught up on email while in the airport (I didn’t get online at all while in London, amazingly enough) and made it over to Tallinn, where I was greeted with -10 degree C (14 degree F) weather and snow flurries.

As a coincidence, Graeme Joeck (that’s the son of our longtime friends Neil Joeck and Melinda Erickson, and brother of my longtime pal Morgan Joeck) will be crashing with Veljo as well for one night tomorrow. (Yes, I suggested that he stay with Veljo while passing through, but I didn’t know that we would be here at the same time.) He’s taking the bus up from Vilnius to Tallinn and then is making his way eastward via the trans-Siberian railway and eventually to Thailand. It’ll be good to hear about his adventures.

As for me? I’m juggling freelance assignments, traveling, and figuring out how the heck to make this book work. I need some sleep, and to sleep in my own bed.

I’m here until Sunday night, then Berlin for one day (crashing with John Borland), then Geneva for two days (crashing with Luca Notari), then the TGV back to Paris on the 14th, followed immediately by a flight to Chicago and then onto SFO.

I’ll be home a week from tomorrow night.

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