March 2: Cyrus on PRI’s The World

Dear Friends,

I’ve been informed that my radio piece on the use of Helios in the university election at Université Catholique de Louvain is airing today.

It will be available on any of these stations (and their Internet streams):

New York – 3 pm Eastern – WNYC – 820 AM –
Washington, DC – 8 pm Eastern – WAMU – 88.5 FM –
Los Angeles – 12 pm Pacific – KPCC – 89.3 FM – www.kpcc.opg
Boston – 4 pm Eastern – WGBH – 89.7 FM –
San Francisco – 2 pm Pacific – KQED – 88.5 FM –

You can also find it on The World’s site later in the day and on my site if you miss the broadcast.

Also, don’t forget about The World’s Tech Podcast, hosted by my boss, Clark Boyd. It comes out every Friday.

Lemme know if you hear it!

Update: Audio is here.

5 Replies to “March 2: Cyrus on PRI’s The World”

  1. Cyrus: I heard your story on helios on the way to work today and was surprised and impressed! My daughter Nura was your classmate at Samohi (she’s also half Persian, of course – I really enjoyed your piece on being half and half – same words my five children grew up with!) Congratulations on your work, travels, and research. Your mom Sydney was one of my supervisors at CSUN when I was getting my teaching credential years ago.
    Best regards,
    Anne Sadeghpour
    P.S. I read “Funny in Farsi” twice and loved it – am now reading “Things I’ve Been Silent About” by Azar Nafisi” – interesting that Prof. Nafisi’s husband Bijan is from a Baha’i family – she mentions the persecution of the Baha’is only lightly in both of her books (also “Reading Lolita in Tehran”) We are Baha’is and following that situation in Iran closely.

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