Haystack wants your USB thumb drives!

For the uninitiated: Haystack is an awesome, new, anti-filtering software that’s custom-designed for Iran. It’s run out of San Francisco run by my new friend and green hat hacker extraordinaire, Austin Heap.

Haystack is moving along quite quickly — heck, they’ve even got a swank new website! — and in addition to donating money, you too can help in a really easy, but meaningful way, too:

If you’ve got a spare USB thumb drive (at least 128MB or greater), send ’em in a plain envelope here:

Austin Heap
PO Box 423060
San Francisco, CA 94142

The Haystack crew will be using these drives to safely get copies of the software inside Iran, to join the small handful of current Haystack users. It’s low-tech, but still pretty effective.

10 Replies to “Haystack wants your USB thumb drives!”

  1. You should ask for old flash cards too, I know many people (including me) have old unused cards from cameras etc which are smaller than new ones but still much bigger than 128MB. I know I have several that are between 128MB and 2GB that I haven’t used in a long time.

  2. Are you interested in having a Canadian mailing site? We could bulk ship them to you to bring the shipping cost down for the people who donate…or maybe even do the install here. Not sure what you’re process is. If this sounds interesting to you, let me know. I’m definitely into talking about setting something up.

  3. Keep up this incredibly important work . You are helping to make history. Aim to send you some soon.

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